PDX Airport

Portland International Airport is the largest airport in the state of Oregon. Nine out of 10 air travelers in the state pass through the PDX airport. This also means it’s one of the busiest in the country. PDX has direct connections to major airports throughout the U.S. In 2008 nearly 15,000 passengers traveled through the airport. Portland Airport Shuttle

With the amount of traffic to the airport and the security measures travelers must go through, delays are to be expected. And if you’re coming into the airport or looking to leave from it, getting transportation can be tough. It’s one of the reason people rely on our service USA Shuttle Service, to help make their travel go smother and quicker.


  1. Comment by Delroy Cullen:

    To all this is the best way to travel to and from the airport, there the nice people and most friendly, our P/U driver was so friendly and very professional and got us to the airport on time and the person that took our booking was outstanding, and the driver that picked up us was so great and so super friendly I will refer USA Shuttle to everyone. Your company is the best!!!! this was the best decession we made. Thanks for all what you all have done to make our trip enjoyabke.

  2. Comment by Lance:

    Always reliable. Onetime all the time, rates are very reasonable

  3. Comment by LanceLonnie:

    Always reliable. Onetime all the time, rates are very reasonable

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